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149 chimney sweep coupon

$149 Chimney Sweep & Safety Inspection  ($200 Value)

Chimney Pro Cleaners provides Atlanta areas with best and professional Chimney Sweep Cleaning and Inspection service for any type of chimney – Chimney Sweep Coupon price only $79 inspection level 1 included

We will inspect and sweep open fireplace chimney (both wood-burning and gas). Visually inspection of the chimney masonry work, inspection of the flue for holes, cracks, or voids, and inspection of the firebox, ash dump, and smoke shelf for signs of damage and creosote buildup, checking the damper operation, chimney crown, and chimney cap, and clean the interior of the chimney.

Chimney inspection and Chimney sweep ensure that chimney is safe to operate and help homeowners avoid potential fire hazards

We can also do other chimney services as:

  • Single-Flue and Multi-Flue Chimney Cap installation and repairs.
  • Masonry and Prefab flue installation, and repairs.
  • Masonry chimney Flue Tile Resurfacing.
  • Firewall, and Firebrick crack repairs, and replacement.
  • Gas line and wood-burning log Starter, repair and installation.
  • Gas Log installation
  • Gas Log to Wood-burning log Starter Conversion.
  • Masonry Chimney and Fireplace repairs. (Exterior and interior)
  • Prefab Firebox/fireplace installation.
  • Chimney Accessory (mesh ember guard installation, wood-burning Stove installation) gas water-heater vent cleaning, repairs, redirect, and installation.

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